Parents Who Are Nut-Allergy Enemies

Simply put, I’m tired of trying to be nice to assholes, and I’m angry at the heartlessness of those who hold tightly to the idea of their rights being infringed upon. They’ve been asked to not bring any type of nut to school because it threatens the life of another child. Doesn’t the preservation of life always come before insignificant things like peanut butter and granola bars.

The vehemence and hate that seep from the pores of these adversaries makes me question humanity and wonder what happened to their ability to feel compassion and empathy. I’d gladly doanything to help a child stay safe because I’m with the village—the sane people who put community over entitlement. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again to the people who can’t be nice: Fuck you and your peanut butter. Grow a heart or STFU.

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